The accelerated weathering of olivine is the only method we are aware of to remove CO2 from the atmosphere that is viable with today’s technology, can be done at a reasonable price, and that is scalable to the gigaton level.

Our plan is to put this process into action to demonstrate to the world that carbon removal is possible and that it is well past the time we start. Operating as a non-profit, Project Vesta seeks to create a global network of green sand beaches to counter-act the entirety of the total yearly CO2 outputs by humans (and eventually back to pre-industrial levels).

Weathering of rock to sequester carbon is not an untested process by any means but is merely harnessing the power of the earth’s natural mechanism for carbon sequestration. For starters, 99.9% of carbon on earth is found in rock or sediment.

The proof that this works on a global scale, is that during Eocene times, the exposure of fresh rock in the Himalayas and Tibet Plateau exposed so much of this type of rock that it led to the Quarternary Glaciation period 2.5 million years ago ( Raymo & Ruddiman (1992)).

Overtime volcanos put out so much CO2, that if it were not for the CO2 sequestering properties of volcanic rock they expose, the earth would be unlivable for us. Over millions of years, the atmosphere’s CO2 was balanced by the increased rock. We do not have enough time to wait for tectonic plate activity to expose more of ths rock. So our plan is to take this process that would normally occur over millions of years and speed it by, by digging up the most active type of this rock, olivine, and accelerating the weathering rate.

This project was inspired by the work Dutch geochemist R.D. Schuiling and others who have provided robust scientific evaluations of the accelerated weathering of olivine on beaches.

Project Vesta is created by Climitigation, a climate change mitigation think tank. We are looking for collaborators of all kinds to work with us on the project, from concerned human beings to scientists, to foundations, to donations and governments. We just want to get this done on as many beaches as possible, as soon as possible, so if you can help in any way, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!