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Our vision is to help reverse climate change by turning a trillion tonnes of CO2 into rock. Please make a donation to help make this vision real!

Project Vesta’s primary focus today is deploying our pilot project: where we are taking 30 years of research into enhanced weathering out of the lab, and onto the beach. Donations from people like you are what will make this possible.At Project Vesta, we feel a deep sense of obligation to do this work. Particularly in the developed world, we have all contributed to creating climate change. We believe that all of us who have the means, should contribute to solving it.Support us directly with a tax deductible donation to our 501c3, Far Away Project.If you’d like to support us and spread the word by wearing a “Grain of Hope” necklace, your donation can come with this gift. We appreciate any and all contributions you can make.

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