Want To Help Make Green Sand Beaches a Reality?

A single donor or organization has the ability to make a huge impact on our project. We are working to create a demonstration project that we need help with immediately, but in the future, we will also be able to deploy beaches for relatively cheap and individual large donors could fund an entire beach. It is possible we could name one of our Impact Beaches after the Impact Investor or organization.

Our plan is to do what has not been done yet, which is make a pilot beach project to prove the real-world olivine dissolution rate. The rate we have calcualted from desktop shakers and flumes is more than fast enough to weather olivine, and we believe the ocean will be even faster as waves are much more powerful than the lab equiptment and relentless. Please help us prove these numbers so we can expand beaches across the world, and with it our message of climate optimism and hope, so we can galvanize action to remove all of the excess CO2 from the atmopshere.