Grain of Hope


The “Grain of Hope” necklace contains a single grain of olivine, suspended in a sand timer vial – a symbol of our hope. Even though time is ticking, it’s not too late to put a stop to the destruction of our planet and environment as we know it. By wearing a Grain of Hope, you’re committing to this planet’s future through joining our efforts as a Project Vesta Ambassador!

In the future, each $25 of a donation will equate to 1 tonne of olivine being placed on a beach, which corresponds to 1 tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere. As we aren’t at this level of scale just yet, today, your donation is directly supporting the development of our science and the deployment of our very first pilot beaches.

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing for the “Grain of Hope”: We have gone to great lengths in sourcing all inputs of these necklaces: The olivine is hand-mined on the San Carlos Apache Reserve, the envelopes are 100% recycled and compostable, and the necklace cords are naturally-dyed and spun on solar-powered looms at an artist-owned, off-grid collective.  We have worked to ensure the carbon footprint is also kept as low as possible. We use the USPS, a provider that is already visiting most houses 6 days a week, and we take orders to the post office in batches. We are tracking the footprint and will remove an equal amount with our beaches once in action. To save on our emissions further, we take the necklaces to the post office in batches. Learn more about our process here.

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