Project Vesta’s name is derived from 4 Vesta, an asteroid that is the “last of its kind” protoplanet composed of the same rocks that earth formed from. It has a mantle made up of olivine and is named after Vesta, the goddess of home and hearth from Roman mythology. As Earth is our home, it seemed fitting. It is also the brightest asteroid visible from planet earth, and olivine is our brightest hope in terms of saving ourselves from this climate crisis.


The highest level donation pieces of olivine will be meteorite fragments originating on 4 Vesta and containing olivine.

“It appears to be an intact original protoplanet that has survived the collisional environment of the asteroid belt since its formation over 4.56 billion years ago.

Vesta has been identified as the source of a very common class of meteorites, the howarditeeucrite-diogenites, which make up ~ 6% of the meteorites seen to fall on Earth. These meteorites appear to have been liberated from the crust and possibly the mantle of a small differentiated body”